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The CxO In The Know Podcast

Apr 29, 2020

Hello and welcome to the introduction of the new CxO In The Know podcast. I’m your host, Tim Crawford.

You may already be familiar with the CIO In The Know podcast which is exclusively focused on the role of the CIO. This podcast, the CxO In The Know, will take a broader look at the intersection of business and technology through the lens of other executives. To get things started, let’s set the foundation.

Companies are looking for new ways to transform their business and increase value to their customers, stakeholders, employees, ecosystem and partners. Technology plays a critical role in this transformation. Speed and innovation in both technology and thinking are key to this shift.

The CxO In The Know podcast is a 30 minute podcast that features leading executives as they discuss important topics facing the executive team as they navigate the path to success. These conversations will bring a fresh and insightful perspective to inspire new ways of thinking.

I hope you will join me by subscribing to the podcast.